South Kamloops Secondary is committed to the provision of a quality, comprehensive Secondary Athletic experience. We believe that participation in this program is a privilege of all students and that subsequent to their participation is the acceptance of the responsibilities that accompany this privilege. We are committed to making this participation a positive opportunity for personal growth athletically, academically, and socially.

Please be advised that all Basketball Training Sessions have been cancelled for the following dates:

Thursday, January 14th

Friday, January 15th

Monday, January 18th - Morning

We are hopeful to continue on Monday, January 18th after school.

Please check back tomorrow morning.

Cancelations are due to Health and Safety Protocols at South Kamloops.

For updates, please check the training link below.


VOLLEYBALL - Training @ SOUTH KAM. Training dates on Training Schedule below.

TRAINING SCHEDULE - Please click on this link for up to date training times.


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Sr. Boys Basketballl

Sr Girls Basketball

10 Boys Basketball

10 Girls Basketball

9 Boys Basketball

9 Girls Basketball

8 Boys Basketball

8 Girls Basketball

Skiing and Snowboarding

******please note that this a club sport and no formal training will occur. If meets do happen, you will need to be signed-up.*****

The following information is very important and must be read in its entirety.

SCHOOL DISTRICT #73 ATHLETIC CONTRACT - click to open. Download for fillable pdf

The SD#73 Athletic Contract must be signed by the second training session. Hard copies are available from the coach. Please email the completed form back to the Athletic Director (Mr. Yamaoka) . Please save the document with the athlete's last name and first name (ex. SmithJohn) before sending.

CONCUSSION TRAINING (CATT) - Coaches and Assistants only


BCSS Return to School Sport

Over the past few months BC School Sports has been navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. The BCSS Board of Directors approved the Return to School Sport Plan after discussion with stakeholders and the Provincial Government. The plan was published on September 3. Version 2.0 was published on September 23 and contained updates. Although this plan is published there are many moving pieces resulting in changes to the plan, on September 24 version 2 of the Return to School Sport plan was published with a list of changes to the orginal document.

BCSS continues to work with the BC Government in hopes of furthering opportunities for school sport. We understand the frustration and difficulty that comes with the restrictions but continue to encourage our member schools to be innovative and creative when developing modified programs for student-athletes across the province.

WEST ZONE WEBSITE - This website will have information in regards to the entire WEST ZONE athletic program.

OVSAA (Okanagan Valley School Athletic Association)- This website will have information in regards to the entire OKANAGAN.

South Kamloops Athletic Information

Parent Handbook - for the parents. Forms that need to be completed are included in this booklet

Fee Questions - where do the fees go

Game Playing Time - philosophies on playing time

Red Shirt Policy - rationale and guidelines for teams taking Red Shirts

"On The Bench" - article

"Sports Should Belong To Kids, Not Parents" - article

"High School Athletics - Have the Values Changed?" - article

Sports Parenting - website dedicated to help parents through their child's athletic career (articles, polls, information)

SD 73 Parent Meeting Template.ppt

The WEST ZONE objectives are:

To carry out the objectives of the Okanagan Valley Schools Athletic Association (OVSAA), its parent body; and BC School Sports, the provincial body. (BCSS)

To provide schedules, competitive rules and regulations for WOVSAA competitions.

To determine rules and regulations for qualification from WOVSAA leagues and play-offs to OVSAA Championships.